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comScore is a leading internet technology company that measures what people do as they navigate the digital world - and turns that information into insights and actions for their clients to maximize the value of their digital investments. comScore operates the ScorecardResearch census measurement service.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Reston, Virginia, comScore is a global media measurement and analytics company that helps media buyers and sellers understand and make decisions based on how consumers use different media, such as TV, video, mobile, desktop and more. Through its products and partnerships, comScore helps its more than 2,500 clients understand their audiences, know if their advertising is working, and access data where they want and need it.

Address: Reston, United States
Website: www.comscore.com

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An Introduction to Audience Measurement Research

The Technologies Used For Audience Measurement Research

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Without you, audience measurement research cannot accurately reflect the experience of users. Help us to improve the internet experience of every user, and especially you! But it is your choice to decide whether we can use your details for passive audience measurement projects.

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