Venturing into the warm coccoon to improve health and hygiene

How market research helped to drive penetration for the brand vis-à-vis generics like detergent, bleach, phenyl and acids.

By Vox Populi, a market research agency based in India and Dubai.


Avoid spending on what can be prevented

This study was done to drive penetration for the brand vis-à-vis generics like detergent, bleach, phenyl and acids. The aim was to move people away from harmful (acid) or less effective (phenyl) generic toilet cleaners. With the increase in cases of acid attacks (a violent assault defined as the act of throwing acid or a similarly corrosive substance onto the body of another with the intention to disfigure, maim, torture, or kill) in India, the government has imposed a ban on the sale of acid. There was a strong need to educate a large segment of consumers who still resort to outdated and unsafe options for toilet cleaning.


Sequential research design

Vox Populi developed an innovative three-phase sequential research design in order to help to buildan emotional connection with consumers through advertising, ensuring it resonates well with the consumers across the social classes in India. Later, Vox Populi mixed traditional questioning methods with certain unconventional ones such as data mining of past research, and conducted a workshop for creating insight platforms (explain insight platforms briefly) with a cross functional team followed by Creative Fuel FGDs (a proprietary tool for helping advertising agencies with script development).

So what?

Understand the consumers’ needs and expectations

The sequential research helped to understand the consumers’ needs and expectations from the products. As a result of this process, six insight platforms were developed in the workshop for the client . Further, from the data of a previous exploratory study, it was discovered that consumers in small towns are showing a gradual movement towards modernity. However, “modernity” should not compromise family values – her family comes before her own needs. This change is the result of the changing society of a new India which has also impacted small towns.

A new advertisement was developed based on the above insight, and this ad enjoyed strong reach and recognition across India. High personal relevance enhanced the emotional involvement, leading to high scores on enjoyment, engagement and interest (above the norm). Further, the primary objective of increasing the use of the client's product was successful, with a 2% increase in market penetration.