How can we go from a classroom culture of “copy and repeat” to the excitement of a “create and believe” edutainment brand for kids?

How market research helped “The Creators” to improve its innovative transmedia multiplatform proposal for children

By “The Creators”, a leading and multi-award winning brand of educational content for kids 7 to 12 and Trendsity, a research, trends and innovation agency.


Understanding children’s media consumption, preferences and needs in educational tools

Trendisty was commissioned by TV program “The creators”, designed by IDoTainment, to dive deep into the role of TV, Internet and mobile devices in entertainment and education. Also to identify the perceptions and reactions of both children and parents about the TV series in terms of content, format, aesthetics and values.


Focus groups and iconographic questionnaire

A combination of focus groups with children and parents was used, including the evaluation of ‘The Creator´s’ episodes with 3D animation and live action segments. Trendsity wanted to create a child friendly setting to get spontaneous and authentic feedback in order to gain deeper insights. They used a relaxed and colourful room as a location for the study and an iconographic self-administered questionnaire to probe the children’s perception of the aesthetics, settings, storylines, songs and choreography of the TV series, in an easy but meaningful way. The episodes were used as a discussion point for the focus groups, both with the children and parents.

So what?

Understanding of audience motivation and preferences, contributing to fine-tuning the programme brand strategy

The child–friendly methodologies lead to a much higher level of engagement and a much richer feedback from participants. IDoTainment gained insights into the overall brand experience of their audience, and were able to incorporate this knowledge into updating their proposition before airing the show. Furthermore, elements of the show such as the roles of live action and animation were tweaked according to respondents’ feedback and the series benefited from a higher engagement with its target audience.

More than anything else, this research has highlighted the status, and importance, of a new approach to educational content. A new segment of consumers, such as young children and tweens has appeared – and they expect more proximity from brands, and demand interaction and engaging experiences when learning and creating. “The Creators” evolved to a whole ominchanel edutainment platform: a TV Show combining real action, 2D and 3D animation, presence on Netflix, a collection of experiential books, music albums, a newspapers for kids, mobile apps with, an MMO Game, and the first5D cinema in LATAM. Today, The Creators is a multi-award winning TV show and ominchanel content for children and families