What sets millennials apart with regards to their relationship to eyewear?

How market research helped Luxottica understand and collaborate with their target audience.

By Luxottica, world’s largest leader in eyewear, owner of brands such as Ray-Ban.


Reach a new consumer group

Luxottica decided to focus on Millennials, the generation of people born between 1980 and the mid -2000s, to shape and inform its vision for the future, due to their purchasing power.


Quantitative survey and Ethnographic interviews

Luxottica conducted the research in 7 countries: USA, Brazil, France, Italy, Turkey, India and China, using a number of complementary research methods, in order to provide a 360° vision on the subject group.

A quantitative research survey was used with 10.500 respondents, including millennials, but also generation X and baby boomers. Alongside this, ethnographic interviews were carried out, including digital diaries to screen-out respondents shop-alongs, and accompanied eye-exam visits. The objective: to go in-depth into millennials’ feelings and motivations, shopping habits and attitudes towards eyewear.

So what?

Understanding of consumer motivation and shopper journey: redefining of brand strategy

The results demonstrated millennials’ relationship to brands and their own appearance, and the journey that millennials go through with their prescription glasses, from seeing them as a hindrance to becoming a part of their visual identity and an accessory.

The results redefined Luxottica’s brand strategy, resulting in the creation of a more holistic and personalized experience. The research also inspired the creation of a follow-up online platform, the Ray-Ban Envisionner Community, made up of ‘cool hunters’ from 10 mega-cities who spot new trends and give quick feedback on new ideas.

More than anything else, this research has highlighted the status, and importance, of millennials as a new segment of consumers who expect more proximity and openness from the brands, and demand interaction and engaging experiences when purchasing.