Introducing a new entertainment news magazine to a saturated market

How market research helped create and launch a successful new magazine to a difficult market.

By Maison&Partners, a senior research boutique which draws on global developments in social psychology.


Exploring the possibilities for a new product and understanding buyers’ motivations

After successfully introducing a celebrity news magazine on the Polish market, Edipresse Poland, decided to bring in other titles from the same category. They were faced with two challenges: I) the market for celebrity news magazines seemed saturated, II) the reading of traditional paper magazines is continuously decreasing due to readers’ move' to the internet.


Mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies

The starting point was interviews with experts (e.g. journalists) to understand the potential of the magazine market, then the research moved to a segmentation study among women with 600 participants to identify categories of needs and target group.

Subsequently, the concept for the new product was tested using focus groups and face-to-face interviews with journalists and different segments of readers in order to understand the specific of each group and the perception of the new magazine concept.

So what?

New tailored communication strategy and exceeded selling expectation

The interviews with journalists highlighted the potential space for new offering, with, the segmentation study discovering a ‘profitable’ group of the population with ‘approach-avoidance motivational conflict’, who liked gossips, but were ashamed of it. The new magazine that was created, Flesz, was tweaked to take into account the preferences of readers revealed during the research.

Thanks to the identification of unconscious needs and desires amongst a segment of the population, the magazine exceeded publisher selling expectations with more than half a million copies sold.

Due to appropriately matched communication and content to meets readers' specific needs, Flesz did not affect the sales of other titles in Edipresse Poland’s portfolio.