Evaluating a brand’s equity in a nascent market

How market research helped a social painting events organizer evaluate the success of their marketing strategy and their positioning on the market.

By Keegan&Donato, a consumer panel consultancy.


Positioning in a nascent market

The client, a company that organizes and promotes social painting events, was interested in gauging consumer recognition and perceptions regarding its brand, and therefore called on agency Keegan and Donato Consulting to conduct a consumer study to give them objective data regarding their ‘brand equity’, or brand recognition, vis-à-vis competitors in the social painting market.


Online data and panel

Because the client was interested in brand awareness within its geographic markets, sampling was restricted to those major metropolitan markets in which the client currently operates. A total of 404 qualified respondents participated in the study.

One group of 202 respondents was randomly assigned to a consumer awareness module, where they were asked recall questions in order to assess their awareness of the brand. Another group of 202 respondents was randomly assigned to a consumer perception module, to measure whether consumers associated the brand name with a single company or multiple companies.

So what?

Positioning, branding and marketing insights

The client’s brand was the most recognized social painting brand among study participants, with 50% of respondents indicating an awareness of the brand. Over half of study participants (51%) identified the brand being “more fun” as a key differentiating factor from other social painting brands. Data showed that most consumers in the social painting market attend events with a group of friends (34%) or as a “girls’ night out” (33%). Nearly three quarters of the sample (74%) reported first becoming aware of social painting through word of mouth (39%) or Facebook (35%). An additional 11% indicated that they first learned about social painting through online advertising.

The research results confirmed to the client their brand’s positioning on the market. Knowing that their “fun” image is a key component of their brand identity and ongoing success, the client emphasized the importance of this positioning in their future marketing strategy. The research also confirmed the marketing mix that the client had chosen to promote itself was correct.