Tropicana launch with neuro decision tree

How Pepsico’s Tropicana launch in Turkey is shaped by consumer brainwaves

By Pepsico Turkey, (Pepsico is an American multinational food, snack and beverage company).


Understanding of unconscious decision-making mechanism in consumers’ minds

The fruit juice market is rather stable in Turkey and brand loyalty is moderate. By having a deeper understanding of unconscious fruit juice purchasing decision mechanism, behaviors and motivations, Tropicana was aiming to reach a certain market share and sales figures within one year. In addition, an influential communication tone of voice in-line with the findings was aimed to be determined.


Combining neuromarketing and traditional research methods

Firstly, face-to-face interviews were conducted in the supermarket environment to list the consideration set for fruit juice category. Both qualitative and quantitative research took place in order to form a list of criteria that consumers’ base their fruit juice purchasing decision on.

Secondly, quantitative EEG (ElectroEncephaloGram) measurements were utilized in a neuro lab to prioritize the criteria list. While EEG research clarified the prioritization of the decision-making criteria, the underlying reasons had to be investigated. Therefore, as a third step, participants were taken to neuro-score based in-depth interviews.

So what?

SO WHAT? Improvements for retailers and marketing

Before the research, price was considered as the most important criteria for the fruit juice decision tree for many years. Tropicana has high index price compared to competitors and it was a concern at the beginning, but this study showed that price is relatively less important for the consumers. This lead to a number of major retailers to reuse their shelf planograms and distribution targets in-line with the research findings.

Another finding of the research revealed that there are opportunities for some new flavors, if appealing tastes are unlocked in the market. Marketing and R&D teams started to work on new flavors for Tropicana right after seeing the results decision results.

The feeling of being fresh is more positive than having the sign of no-additives on the package. Consumers distrust no-additives claim unless it is scientifically. Considering this insight, the TV copy for Tropicana Launch was revisited. Freshness and naturalness were added to TVC with emotional tactical details instead of «no additives» claim.

The brand awareness score reached 87%, which was 1.5 times more successful than the average. The brand reached 3rd place in the Turkish Fruit Juice market. The TV ad scored as the 3rd most effective ad in Turkey, and won a Silver Effie award.