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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The coronavirus is one of our modern day's greatest global, human challenge. Now more than ever, access to evidence about the health and socio-economic impact is key to inform the general public and decision-takers in a moment of crisis. The need for evidence-based decision-making has never been greater.
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Business Trends

Market research, with its adaptable and innovative methodologies and techniques, has always been at the core of business’ strategic decisions. Boosting innovation, redefining branding strategies, positioning on the market, assessing investments and launching of new products are only few examples of the valuable contribution that market researc...
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Digital Economy and Social Media

We are living in a fast-changing society. Digital economy and social media are shaping the way business is done, but also influencing people’s lifestyle and relations. Market research, with its great adaptability attitude in producing valuable insights, helps organisations to not falling behind technological developments.
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Non-Profit and NGOs

Market research is not only about helping business. Everyday, all around the world, market research’s methodologies and techniques are successfully helping NGOs and non-profit organisations to address societal challenges. Assessing and evaluating the impact, understanding of your target groups, are only few examples of how market research can h...
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Public Sector and Policy-making

Research has always been the cornerstone of informed decisions with its capacity to provide valuable insights and data and to separate what is important to politicians and policymakers for the wealth of their constituencies.
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Serving customers

Even if you don’t notice it, market research is always surrounding you. When you are taking the train, flying for your holidays or using your car for a family trip during the weekend, the experiences that you are living are probably shaped and tailored for your comfort by previous market research studies.
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Is it worth it to provide customers with price comparisons for last-minute travel?

How L’TUR succeeded in increasing the website’s conversion rate by 70% using market research
in: Business Trends

The emergence of ‘I’ in Indonesia

How market research mapped the changing societal norms and its impact on advertising, marketing and brands
in: Business Trends

How a cable television operator inJapan improved its local TV offering

How market research gained insights into local viewers’ needs for community channels
in: Business Trends

Venturing into the warm coccoon to improve health and hygiene

How market research helped Reckitt Benckiser India to drive penetration for the brand vis-à-vis generics like detergent, bleach, phenyl and acids.
in: Business Trends

How can we go from a classroom culture of “copy and repeat” to the excitement of a “create and believe” edutainment brand for kids?

How market research helped “The Creators” to improve its innovative transmedia multiplatform proposal for children
in: Business Trends

Measuring the Effectiveness of Comedy in Generating Positive Audience Engagement

How GfK worked with Comedy Central to measure the effectiveness of comedy for advertising.
in: Business Trends

Drawing on the right side of research

How insights from neuropsychology and drawing instruction gave rise to an alternative methodology for concept ideation in market research
in: Business Trends

Reality check

How market research re-established context at the heart of intelligent research
in: Business Trends