Making virtual a reality

How market research using 360° virtual immersion contributed to optimising shopper-oriented in-store actions

By Stratégir, a consumers and shoppers researchers company.


Meeting shoppers experience

To assess strengths and weaknesses of new store organisation, Samsung sought shopper feedback by conducting research using virtual shelf layouts or in-store interviews. Samsung wanted to implement a new type of research using 360° virtual immersion to convey space dimension without a complicated set up, and so, Stratégir worked on the development of a new tool to implement the survey.


Virtual visits and interviews

Samsung and Stratégir joined forces to develop an innovative method to interview shoppers of the Samsung Experience Store and expose them, virtually to the current store layout and organisation, as realistically as possible. An exploratory sequential research design was set up to compare 3 types of visits.

Firstly, accompanied interviews in the physical Samsung Experience Store. Secondly, exposure to a virtual visit to the Samsung Experience Store projected at life size. Thirdly, exposure to a virtual visit to the Samsung Experience Store at 360° immersion with Gear VR. Each participant conducted all 3 visits (in a rotated order).22 90-minute interviews were carried out among potential buyers of smartphone and non-rejecters of the Samsung brand.

So what?

Optimised shop experience and re-organisation of store

Key takeaways for Samsung regarding the evaluation of the store were available at the end of the research.

On one side, shoppers felt good in a store that invites them to navigate due to a high tech atmosphere which is calm and pleasant, a reasonable number of products and communications, and a well organised store. On the other side, the store was perceived too bright and masculine, the prices not very visible and equipment and accessories of the same device in the same area. The study helped Samsung to highlight different areas of optimisation in order to create a warmer store environment, with the less bright/white colours and clearer pricing.