Drawing on the right side of research

How insights from neuropsychology and drawing instruction gave rise to an alternative methodology for concept ideation in market research

By Momentum, a company specialised in financial wellness.


Improve the financial wellness of all South Africans

In order to improve South African citizens’ overall financial health and well-being, Momentum carried out a visualisation of their financial wellness. A visualisation approach, using creative drawing workshops, was used to resonate with consumers and drive engagement within the concept of financial wellness. It needed to be relevant to all consumers, regardless of their life stage or personal financial situation.


Neuropsychology and focus groups

Through the use of neuropsychology and drawing workshops, the Momentum research team set themselves with the objective of finding the best visual representation of the financial-wellness journey. Momentum invited 8-10 participants to come and draw their financial wellness journey, during three creative workshops. An audio recording of a story based on a consumer’s financial wellness journey was played to the workshop participants as a stimulant. Participants were then required to project their own journey onto the recorded story, and respond with visual imagery to a number of probes. The Momentum team collaborated with an artist who helped the workshop participants put their thoughts on paper.

So what?

Financial wellness journey and concept ideation

The added value of this approach was revealed through several findings. It was found that all generated visualisations referred to a few consistent underlying design principles:

  1. A picture should enable a time perspective. This means that the individuals should be able to position themselves (life stage/context) relative to their financial wellness, past, present and future.

  2. It should allow you to project your own story and perspective onto it, and be amenable to your unique individual circumstances (interchangeable parts, prioritisation).

  3. The picture should allow you to see growth, progression or indicate stages (non-linear, goal-based, attainable and realistic expectations)

The results that followed from the creative workshops allowed Momentum to generate a visualisation of a financial wellness journey that was intuitive, clear and highly engaging. In addition, the study made a meaningful contribution to innovation in methodological approaches to concept ideation.