Coronavirus (Covid-19): Ireland

The coronavirus is one of our modern day's greatest global, human challenge. Now more than ever, access to evidence about the health and socio-economic impact is key to inform the general public and decision-takers in a moment of crisis. The need for evidence-based decision-making has never been greater. We are honoured to collate and present a growing selection of our sector's shared insights on the impact of the far-reaching and evolving Coronavirus crisis. Discover emerging Eureka’s below and learn more about how this health crisis is impacting public and consumer behaviour and sentiment.

Department of Health Public Opinion Tracking Research

A survey of Irish adults conducted every Monday and Thursday by Amárach on behalf of the Department of Health in relation to behaviours, attitudes and intentions during the coronavirus public health emergency.
by Amárach Research, on 11/05/2020
Countries researched: Ireland
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Social Scan of a Pandemic: Impact of Covid-19 on the English Speaking Population

Social listening report about the impact of Covid-19 on the English speaking population with focus on United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and New Zealand, covering topics like: - key issues / concerns in current conversations - impact of Covid-19 related fear on stock markets - personality profiles of people suffering from Covid-19 related anxiety and fear - potential behavioural changes in society post Covid-19
by Behavioural Economy, on 12/04/2020
Countries researched: Australia Canada Ireland New Zealand South Africa United Kingdom United States
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Global Trends Report Special Edition: COVID-19

This report explores the changes in consumer attitudes and behaviours brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Spanning 14 countries, the report leverages Dynata’s global scale, deep relationships with consumers, and the largest fully-permissioned first-party data set in the industry, to help you understand changes in consumer behaviours and attitudes during the COVID-19 pandemic. In uncertain times, this special edition will deliver the insights you need to help make the best decisions as consumer trends evolve in response to the circumstances.
by Dynata, on 17/03/2020
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