Coronavirus (Covid-19): Nigeria

The coronavirus is one of our modern day's greatest global, human challenge. Now more than ever, access to evidence about the health and socio-economic impact is key to inform the general public and decision-takers in a moment of crisis. The need for evidence-based decision-making has never been greater. We are honoured to collate and present a growing selection of our sector's shared insights on the impact of the far-reaching and evolving Coronavirus crisis. Discover emerging Eureka’s below and learn more about how this health crisis is impacting public and consumer behaviour and sentiment.

Perception of Nigerians on the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting unprecedented challenges for us all, from its effects on our everyday lives to its impacts on the world’s economies. Beyond the tragic health hazards and human consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic uncertainties, and disruptions that have resulted come at a significant cost to the global economy with respect to the demographic, social, and economic implications on the Nigerian population which made Qualiquant Services Limited conduct a short survey to understand Nigerian's perception of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Countries researched: Nigeria
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Signals #3: Understanding the coronavirus crisis

The third edition of our digest brings together Ipsos’ latest research on coronavirus and draws on our surveys, social media monitoring and analysis from our teams around the world.
by Ipsos, on 09/04/2020
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COVID-19 Pulse Report - Tracking the impact of COVID-19 on consumers and businesses in Africa

Our monthly COVID-19 pulse report will uncover how the coronavirus disease is impacting consumers in Africa, What changes they are making to their lives, and How it will impact brands and businesses.
by KASI Insight, on 14/04/2020
Countries researched: Cameroon Ethiopia Ivory Coast Kenya Nigeria South Africa Tanzania, United Republic of
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