Coronavirus (Covid-19): Belgium

The coronavirus is one of our modern day's greatest global, human challenge. Now more than ever, access to evidence about the health and socio-economic impact is key to inform the general public and decision-takers in a moment of crisis. The need for evidence-based decision-making has never been greater. We are honoured to collate and present a growing selection of our sector's shared insights on the impact of the far-reaching and evolving Coronavirus crisis. Discover emerging Eureka’s below and learn more about how this health crisis is impacting public and consumer behaviour and sentiment.

C+T Report 2021: Happiness Reset

Twenty-twenty; the year that marked the beginning of a new decade ultimately resulted in a re-evaluation of our lives, our futures and the world we live in. At the center of this reset stood the global COVID-19 pandemic, but it was by no means the only causal factor. The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for behavioral change, accelerating slow-moving macro trends as well as creating entirely new ones. While the impact on human behavior can easily be exaggerated, it is undeniable that we are going through a dramatic alteration that will be looked back on as culturally pivotal. We could label 2020 as the new apocalypse. Yet, in the face of disaster, we also witnessed a revelation. The confinement of life in lockdown opened the door to new attitudes, behavior and values. 2020 not only forced us to stay inside, it also fundamentally changed how we seek and attain happiness. Leading to a fundamental ‘happiness reset’. So, what defines this post-2020 consumer, and what is the role for brands? This report uses a unique Human Drivers framework to capture how people are now seeking happiness and wellbeing, and how this is driving new behavior and expectations towards brands.
by InSites Consulting, on 07/11/2021
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COVID-19 insights by boobook: 7 key takeaways on consumer attitude and future behaviour

As a data analytics company, we wanted to analyse consumer confidence across the globe regarding the impact and implications of the Coronavirus pandemic. Our objective was to see how the crisis will affect the way that consumers make choices in the future. We surveyed a nationally representative sample of 4,500 consumers across nine countries in various stages of the pandemic. Here are our insights into consumer confidence and optimism for the future. By identifying consumers' mindset, attitude and purchasing habits, we enable businesses to understand better economic and social changes. Study details: Countries: USA, Brazil, France, UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium, China, South Africa N=500 in each market, national representative Fieldwork: 29 May – 16 June 2020
by Boobook, on 16/06/2002
Countries researched: Belgium Brazil China France Germany South Africa Spain United Kingdom United States
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