COVID-19 in Italy

RFR International has recently carried out a self-financed research study on a national representative sample, to understand how Italians are coping with the COVID-19 emergency, the consequences on their daily life and what they think of the near future. We will continue to monitor Italian’s opinions and views in the coming weeks investigating different issues and topics.

Why was the research conducted?

The research was conducted to provide valuable analysis on the emergency in Italy; the data can be useful for truly understanding what is happening, people's feelings and how to navigate the next few months.

How was the research conducted?

Online self-completion questionnaire on a national representative sample based on a proprietary access panel of consumers

What are the key findings of the research?

The Covid-19 pandemic is perceived by Italians as a disruptive event.

Almost half of the sample is convinced that personal consequences will be very or fairly negative, while many said they were concerned about the health of loved ones and the economic consequences of the pandemic.

Most of the sample (53%) believe that the world will never be the same again.

Caution is high.

Today few respondents would be willing to go back to old habits and to spend time in very crowded places, such as a ballroom, a cinema, a stadium or a gym. The fear associated with these contexts increases as the size of the municipality of residence increases, a sign that is due to the perception of possible group gatherings.

But overall, Italians have shown a composed reaction: contained negative emotions, trends to design new solutions and willingness to consider the pandemic as a great lesson that could also lead to some positive consequences.

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Contributor's Name: Giovanna Grillo