respondi #stayhome diary #8 - Do our eating habits differ during lockdown? Episode 3: Germany.

on 26/04/2020

Our previous lockdown diaries focused on how the eating habits of both the French and British have changed during lockdown. Overall, in France and the UK, the changes to eating habits were very similar; out of necessity or fun, new people visited recipe website. Which kinds of recipes were being searched? They were either more basic than usual or recipes derived to offer pleasure in eating. Today, we take a look at Germany1, have they changed their eating habits and how? We focused on 4 German recipes websites. During lockdown, they all have seen a significant increase in visitors: (+73% increase in number of visits), (+47,1%), (+25,6%), (11,0%). But the increase in number of visitors is far more limited.

Why was the research conducted?

To show how behavior has changed during lockdown

How was the research conducted?

By investigating our behavioural panel: Since 2016, a part of our German panel have accepted to share their navigation/app usage data with us. They all have installed a software/an app which monitors their online activities. To avoid seasonal effects, we compared the data collected at the exact same period 23rd of March to the 26th of April in 2019 and in 2020. Both samples were national representative (gender, age). In 2019 in the given time frame n=1805, in 2020 n=1583

What are the key findings of the research?

During lockdown, unlike what has happened in France and in the UK, it seems as though the first impact of lockdown has not attracted newbies to cuisine. In Germany, it is almost the same people who are cooking but they have more time to dedicate to recipes for which they usually don’t have time. They are also using more simple ingredients (by choice or due to supply shortages). Bread is like the synthesis of these two aspects, and of course is a way, even symbol of self-sustenance.

Should we conclude that this short delve into German cuisine during lockdown goes beyond Germany and beyond the topic of food, as it highlights some trends of the current period: slowness, back to basics, and the rise of survivalism?

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Contributor's Name: Martina Poggel