The Land of the Rising Contradictions - Part 1 Following Rules

Rakuten Insight Global
on 15/04/2020

A common theme for those interested in Japanese culture is contradiction. There are many cultural reasons for why the West see Japan as a society full of contradictions, but this is also true for the impact COVID 19 has had on Japan and the whole world.

Why was the research conducted?

The research was conducted with the objective of understanding further the impact of COVID 19 in Japan.

How was the research conducted?

Rakuten Insight has conducted research & analysis using their own proprietary panel in Japan comprising of approximately 2.2 million members. Largely owing to our place within the wider Rakuten Group Eco-system the panel in Japan is experiencing increasing feasibility in the numbers of monthly active users.

What are the key findings of the research?

The results of the survey revealed a number of contradictions and this article will introduce a couple of interesting examples and begin to explain these contradictions in the context of Japanese culture.

Full research:

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