Survey on Taiwan Market Consumer Behavior in Epidemic Situation: A Third Wave

Eastern Online Co., Ltd.
on 27/04/2019

A tracking study of how COVID-19 affected Taiwanese consumer behaviour and instruction to post-pandemic lifestyle

Why was the research conducted?

The spread of COVID-19 significantly affected consumer behaviors. We wanted to explore its impact on consumers and shared the findings with clients and helped them developing corresponding strategies.

How was the research conducted?

Online research, N=1000/per wave, all Taiwan,
Sample distribution is based on the demographic of Taiwan.

What are the key findings of the research?

The total number of visiting physical channels continues to decline, and the percentage of those who still remain same frequency of visiting retailers and entrainment places drops to 19.5%.

In April, the number of people staying at home increases significantly, activities at home compared to that in February significantly grew, and cooking has most dramatic growth.

However, since late April, the time spent at home was slightly dropped as confirmed cases were reducing.
Between Feb and April, the user of paid OTT media, e-commence, and food delivery was increased. However, in the post-pandemic era, more than 40% of users could reduce their usage.
The attention to heathy diet will continue, and the consumption of frozen or microwave food and food delivery service will reduce.

Only 10% of respondents actually worked at home as COVID-19, and half of them like to continue this working model.
More than 50% of mature consumers who seldom applied for online service before feels their technological capabilities improved.

More than 50% is confident in pandemic prevention, and there is a significant increase in terms of consumption in May.
Once the pandemic is over, most consumers want to enjoy travelling, gourmet, shopping, and visiting a cinema.
However, in the long term, the signal of austerity in consumption can’t be ignored.
Facing the uncertainty of the future, the consumer may turn to pursuit something that can be truly shown and felt.

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Contributor's Name: Tina Peng