Half of consumers changed or canceled Memorial Day holiday plans due to COVID-19

AMC Global
on 22/05/2020

Ninth wave of ongoing AMC Global study on consumer perceptions during COVID-19 released today

Why was the research conducted?

The study findings are designed to help clients and industry leaders navigate quickly changing consumer behavior during the crisis.

How was the research conducted?

Weekly polling of U.S.-based general population of primary purchasers age 21+.

What are the key findings of the research?

  • Fifty percent of consumers changed (33%) or canceled (17%) Memorial Day Weekend plans due to COVID-19.
  • Thirty-five percent of consumers said they stayed home in 2020, in comparison to just 12% in 2019. 29% grilled outdoors, compared to 44% in 2019.
  • Some of the biggest decreases year-over-year were for hanging out with extended family/friends (down to 20% from 44% in 2019), hosting or attending a barbeque (down to 7% from 23% in 2019) and going to a restaurant (down to 5% from 21% in 2019).
  • As expected, road trips are down at 4% in 2020 from 11% in 2019 and no consumers reported going to the movies or watching a parade in 2020.

Full research:

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Contributor's Name: Michelle Andre