Changing Attitudes of Automotive Customers During COVID-19

It is an uncertain time for people and brands in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. People around the world are feeling insecure and anxious, and brands are looking for the best ways to respond in this time of crisis. Focal Point has decided to conduct a Syndicated Study to identify how COVID-19 is affecting consumer’s behaviors, attitudes and expectations specifically for the automotive sector.

Why was the research conducted?

A clear and concise understanding of following key questions:
  • Consumer general sentiments
  • Overall change in consumer behaviour
  • Vehicle ownership & Future PI
  • Key encouraging factors to buy vehicle
  • Importance and acceptance of Online sales and service option
  • Change in e-commerce usage

How was the research conducted?

Online interviews with a sample of over 300 respondents across the country.

What are the key findings of the research?

The research will help you answer questions like:

Consumer general sentiments regarding economic condition
  • How are their attitudes changing?
  • How has purchase behavior changed?
  • What vehicle brand(s) & segment(s) do they currently own?
  • Were they planning to buy a new vehicle before pandemic?
  • How likely will they stick to the plan of buying new vehicle?
  • Is automotive promotion`s more important or safety & convenience during pandemic
  • What brand(s) & segment(s) they had in their consideration set?
  • Importance & Acceptance of online vehicle sales and service option
  • What can we expect next?

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Contributor's Name: Malik Shamim