Coronavirus Data Tracker

on 01/03/2017

Stay informed and take action: monitor and access what your customers are currently thinking and doing Access fast-turnaround data from the UK, US and other markets, from consumers or businesses. Whether you want to stay informed on attitudes and behaviours, or want to ask your customers a range of questions to enable decision making, we can connect you to the audience you need - fast. The survey and trackers offer daily and weekly insights into consumer and business perceptions at this unprecedented time. Plus, we've developed a suite of products to help you get ready to restart, in a world of new normals.

Why was the research conducted?

We aim to provide you with an accurate up-to-date view of how the UK, US and other markets feel during this unprecedented time.

How was the research conducted?

We've created a suite of products, incorporating omnibus, rapid testing and online qualitative groups that will give you the tools you need to help you get ready to restart.

What are the key findings of the research?

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Contributor's Name: Adam Goddard