Recent meat shortage could offer opportunity for plant-based proteins

on 01/06/2020

InsightsNow’s Clean Label Enthusiasts® research community claims to be prepared for meat shortages, due to the Coronavirus, by eating vegetarian or purchasing alternative meats

Why was the research conducted?

The study gives insights into the swiftly changing landscape of clean-living behaviors during this time by tracking behavior pre-pandemic, current short-term shifts, and potential permanent changes.

How was the research conducted?

Each week InsightsNow's Clean Label Enthusiast® community of primary shoppers reveals motivations for purchasing behaviors through an online shopping journal. Data is collected each Friday – Monday and released Wednesdays.

What are the key findings of the research?

  • During a meat shortage 60% of CLE would switch to a vegetarian diet. Currently, only 14% are following a vegetarian diet.
  • CLE who have never tried plant-based meats are primarily motivated to try because they believe it is healthier (29%), they are curious about the taste (31%), and they can avoid animal hormones (19%).
  • Only 12% of CLE say they would pay higher prices (specifically twice as much) to continue eating fresh meat.
  • Eighty-two percent of CLE are open to trying plant-based meat alternatives.

Full research:

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Contributor's Name: Michelle Andre