India Unlocks – India’s Willingness to resume various activities

As India restarts, we spoke to Netizens to find out their eagerness to resume various activities. Thinking Hats shares insights on citizen’s willingness to resume these activities, post lockdown

Why was the research conducted?

To capture a sector-wise understanding on the level of willingness among people to visiting several public places.

How was the research conducted?

Thinking Hats conducted a research via its proprietary Digital Platform “APPtitude”
1400 Netizens belonging to NCCS A and B, in the age group of 18-45 years, were targeted across Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai and Pune, between 14-31st May, 2020.

What are the key findings of the research?

Willingness Index is measured on the basis of expected time taken to resume the activity post lockdown restrictions. Closer to 10 indicates faster engagement.

On an average, netizens exhibit lower willingness (4.2/10) to visit public places with immediate effect. Clear demarcation on the basis of essentials and non essentials were observed.

Hyderabad - 6.4
Chennai – 6.3
Lucknow – 4.2
Delhi – 4.1
Mumbai – 4.1
Indore – 3.8
Kolkata – 3.5
Bangalore – 3.2
Pune – 2.8

WILLINGNESS INDEX- Shopping Market | Religious Places | Local Commute
Eagerness to return to normal routine is clearly seen. However, the risk of contagion still looms over.
We may see the same activities being conducted with more care and caution.

WILLINGNESS INDEX- Salon/Beauty Parlour | Swimming/Gym
Indulgence as perceived ‘self reward’ for being locked indoors, usually see’s a spike in behaviour initially. We saw this with online services as well.
Personal grooming and health services do see majority consumers return in the first few months. However, price will be a factor for continuous engagement.
Watch out! Discounts coming your way!

WILLINGNESS INDEX- Restaurants | Clubs/Pubs
Apart from satisfying those intense cravings, sitting down at a club to socialize seems to be taking a slow road to return.
The dating community may need to find some alternative – and quick.
After strong deprivation of entertainment and shopping, almost 1/3rd are willing to return within a month.
Diwali may see an upside after all!

WILLINGNESS INDEX – Weddings/Social Gathering | Event | Sports Stadium
True enthusiasts will see a staggered return, while a sizable number willing to give up on it for most part of the year.
Netizens show preference for smaller, more intimate gatherings, rather than large crowds of unknown faces.

WILLINGNESS INDEX – Train Travel | Domestic Air Travel | International Air Travel
When it came to leisure, it appears international travel will take the longest to recover, whereas people are more accepting of domestic travel, which may see a gradual rise within a few months.
Looks like local tourism will get a boost this holiday season!

WILLINGNESS INDEX – Library | Garden | Beach | Amusement/Theme Parks
Garden spaces are appreciated after a tight lock up. However, outdoor entertainment is still low on their restart list.

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