Social Media Influencer Engagement

With so many multifarious influencers on social media platforms, how does one make the right decision of the best brand fit? Thinking Hats lists down 5 attributes that a brand should consider before engaging with a social media influencer.

Why was the research conducted?

To analyse essentials to keep in mind while selecting the right fit for your brand

How was the research conducted?

Thinking Hats through secondary research analysed attributes that will help brands make conscious decision while selecting a social media influencer

What are the key findings of the research?

1. Reach Is Just A Number

The bigger the reach the better? Not necessarily true. While earlier, brands were only collaborating with influencers having maximum number of followers, this is no longer the case.

It is an age of micro (10,000 – 1,00,000 followers) and nano influencers (1,000- 10,000 followers). While their reach is limited, these are considered as experts in their niche fields. Not only are they affordable, but also quite effective in their communication. Also, they add local flavor to their interactions which make them more relatable. With more personal touch, these influencers are seen as peers than mere subscribers. Thus, their recommendations and opinions are taken more seriously. In effect, their qualitative reach is more far fetching.

2. Perfect Synergy
Imagine a technical expert who is also a mega influencer promoting a detergent?
Would it match? No, right!
Therefore, it is imperative that the personality of the influencer must resonate with the tone and values of the brand. The influencer needs to be sharing content which is relevant to brand’s target audience. It is transparent to the consumer when any engagement is purely undertaken for it’s monetary value without much heart in its messaging.

3. Sponsorship Saturation
With an upsurge in influencer marketing, influencers are collaborating with brands quite regularly. However, such an influencer tends to lose credibility among the viewers. While viewers might keep coming back for interesting content, they would probably not pay attention to the sponsored post.
Although, it is crucial for an influencer to be proactive, he/she must not be posting paid partnerships frequently. It is important to remember that people are following an influencer because of his personal journey. The influencer should have a right balance of personal and paid posts.

4. Level of Engagement
The meaningfulness of the relationship between an influencer and the viewers decide the extent of impact it generates and the authenticity of followers.

Influencers could be evaluated on following parameters to gauge the responsiveness of the viewers –
Do viewers usually comment on the posts? Are those comments genuine or spammed?
Do viewers share the content posted by the influencer?
What percentage of viewers visit the influencer account on regular basis?
What percentage of viewers like the posts in comparison to the total number of followers?
Are the number of followers lower than the number of people followed by the influencer?

5. Content is King

Social media influencers that share fresh and important information along with personal experiences tend to form closer bond with their followers. This also increases the excitement among the viewers and they consistently visit the account for latest posts.
Apart from creating interest, there must be transparency in the content posted. For example, influencers who post genuine product or service reviews are trusted more than others.
Selecting a social media influencer is not an easy task. Brands need to engage in continuous social media listening and evaluate options carefully before deciding one.
Industry experts have accepted the growing power of influencer marketing and recommend it strongly to their clients. However, most have concerns regarding return on investment.
Thinking Hats works in the space to offers digital and innovative solutions to measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing.
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