HCP Sentiment Study Series - Part 3: Timing for physician bounce back to pre-pandemic patient activity levels & how this impacts HCP access

on 08/05/2020

In partnership with stakeholders across the healthcare industry, Sermo has created the HCP Sentiment Series to better understand how COVID-19 is impacting the medical community and identify new ways we can support HCPs during these changing times. Thousands of physicians around the globe generously donate their time to provide insights into how they’re treating patients, what digital tools they’re using, opinions on how companies can engage in this new world, and resources needed to do their jobs.

Why was the research conducted?

To explore Physicians' perspectives on the timeline for returning to “normal” activity levels, and in turn the impact on HCP access for pharma and medtech companies moving forward. Plus, check out our bonus specialty deep-dives across key therapeutic areas.

How was the research conducted?

  • Survey covers timing for physician bounce back to pre-pandemic patient activity levels & how this impacts HCP access
  • Questions were solicited from Sermo clients between April 22nd – May 1st
  • Questionnaire was developed and programmed by Sermo
  • Data collected between May 8th – May 18th
  • Sermo invited physicians among a list of six specialties across eight countries
  • Respondents were not incentivized for their time
  • Total sample: 1,209

What are the key findings of the research?

  • Physicians are split on whether conversations with sales reps will return to pre-COVID-19 levels, though China and some specialties (Oncologists and Rheumatologists) have lower expectations
  • In-person interactions will make up just over half of meetings in "the new normal"
  • One-in-five of physicians think that pharma should avoid sending sales reps for in-office meetings under any circumstances as restrictions are lifted - and the majority feel visits should be need-based/only as requested
  • We see strong purchasing signals for medical device companies, particularly in China

Full research:

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