Sermo Real Time Covid-19 Barometer Study (weekly tracker)

on 10/06/2020

The Real Time Barometer is an observational study of the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak as reported by physicians with first-hand experience treating COVID-19 patients. Each week, thousands of physicians provide insights on topics regarding the global health crisis. The study addresses a broad range of topics including treatments, their efficacy and safety, ethical questions related to wartime triaging, medical shortages, patient types experiencing the most complications, hospital preparedness, peak timing, social distancing impact, and more. To date, Sermo has conducted 55,280 interviews with doctors in 31 countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Russia, China, Japan, and Australia.

Why was the research conducted?

The Barometer is an observational study of the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak as reported via physicians’ first-hand observations. As we look towards uncertain times, Sermo is dedicated to understanding the dynamics of the pandemic and committed to giving physicians a voice. Understanding physicians’ perspectives and actions during these times of great change is essential to help shape the path forward more clearly.

How was the research conducted?

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  • Source of respondents: As close to a complete universe list as practical and without any source of known bias. Respondents come from the Sermo membership. The size of the Sermo membership relative to the universe of physicians provides considerably higher coverage than typical online consumer research panels. In addition, and unlike consumer panels where demographic biases are common, the profile of Sermo US physician members closely mirrors that of the all US physicians. Sermo membership is validated, free, and voluntary.
  • Selection of respondents: Random sample
  • Invitation process: Designed to maximize participation and minimize non-response bias, multiple email invitation sufficient to deliver high participation rates
  • Respondent Incentives: Covid-19 Barometer study waves were completely un-incentivized.
  • Poll process: Prevent multiple responses from single person and other sources of potential bias/fraud. Members click unique link in email and can take survey only once. No survey results shared with participants after the survey.
  • Survey Design: No questions or surveys designed to elicit a predetermined response. Surveys designed to gauge the honest views of Sermo members and the wider universe of healthcare professionals. Full survey questions are always available upon request.

Transparency Standards: We publish sample size and process with every poll published
Respondent anonymity: Required and always guaranteed by Sermo
Surveys used for lead generation: Never allowed on Sermo
Push Polls: Never allowed on Sermo

What are the key findings of the research?

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Full research:

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