Mental Health and concerns about Covid-19

Datum Internacional
on 22/06/2020

Monthly report to show the population attitudes towards the measures taken by the Government, feelings during social isolation and activities carried out at home.

Why was the research conducted?

The research was conducted to understand the moment that we are living. On March 15, the President declared the lockdown and curfew, together with other measures to prevent the Covid-19 dissemination. As a company doing public opinion, we are constantly measuring the pulse of the country and this situation is not an exception.

How was the research conducted?


What are the key findings of the research?

58% of Peruvians feel stress, this higher among women and lower socio economical levels
Income decrease in average 30% since February
68% consider that the Government is not transparent with the information
46% of people say that the pandemic in Peru is partially controlled and 47% consider that it is not controlled at all
54% of citizens support focused lockdowns

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Contributor's Name: Urpi Torrado