Business Concerns about Covid-19

Datum Internacional
on 12/06/2020

Companies were affected by lockdown, many couldn´t operate and others were affected in their sales and operations becuase of the Sanitary Emergency. This reports reflects the concerns and expectatives of entrepenurs in Peru.

Why was the research conducted?

The research was conducted in agreement with Gestion, Peruvian newspaper focused on Economy and Business.

How was the research conducted?


What are the key findings of the research?

86% of big and medium sized companies consider that the Government doesn't have a defined plan, pinion shared by 89% of small companies.
Over 80% of companies consider that economic and labour measures aren't enough
The most popular measure taken by companies is to reduce salaries (45% of small companies and 33% of medium and big companies)
Also, most companies refinanced their debts and took the government-backed credit
Entrepreneurs consider that the economic recovery will take between 12 and 24 months

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Contributor's Name: Urpi Torrado