Argentina: Life in quarantine - First Wave

on 26/03/2020

The research provides answers concerning habits of consumers and perceptions of public mood in the early stages of argentinian quarantine. The topics addressed were: [list] [*]Public mood [*]New consumer habits [*]Most used apps and services [*]Economic and labor situation [/list]

Why was the research conducted?

To understand the influence of the current COVID 19 pandemic over argentinian population. The investigation was carried out in three waves in order to analyze the changes throughout the different stages of the quarantine. This is the first wave.

How was the research conducted?

Online research with a representative sample of n = 400.

What are the key findings of the research?

Negative effects in the labor situation and a considerable increase in the volumes of purchase, mainly in cleaning products, were registered.
Although most moods have a negative connotation, positive feelings appear in the first positions.

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Contributor's Name: Laura Piccini