The Congolese and Covid-19 (Wave 2)

on 06/05/2020

The report has three topics. We firstly ask people to give their opinion on how they think Covid-19 is dangerous. We then ask them if they protect themselves from Covid-19 and how. We finally ask them to give the best solutions to stop the pandemic in the DRC. At the end of study, we make some recommendations in order to fight again Covid-19 in the DRC

Why was the research conducted?

It was our contribution to the fight against Covid-19. There wasn't a poll on this topic and we decided to provide information on feedback of people so that improvements can be made on the way of talking about this pandemic and taking measures by the Government.

How was the research conducted?

It was a CATI study with 8 interviewers working home from April 6th to April 12th, 2020.

What are the key findings of the research?

Despite increasing of Covid-19 contaminations in the DRC (from 254 to more than 3,000 between April and May 2020), more people (63%, +7%) don't believe Covid is dangerous vs 32% (-7%) who think it's dangerous and 5% without opinion. The absence of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in their immediate neighbourhood (78%), the very low number of deaths (9%), the absence of the disease in the DRC (3%) and the low extent of the virus compared to other diseases (2%) are the four main reasons of not believing Covid-19 is dangerous.

Paradoxically 98% of Congolese claim to protect themselves from Covid-19 by washing hands with water with soap or with hydro-alcoholic gel (94%), wearing masks (74%), no longer greeting people with their hands (63%), avoiding hugging with the people they meet (54%) and no longer going to gathering places (60%).

According to respondents, the main solution to stop the progression of Covid-19 in the DRC is the advocacy of barrier gestures (60%). Some propose the complete lockdown of cities (8%), the funding of research to find a medicine (6%) and a compulsory test for everyone (3%).

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Contributor's Name: Serge Mumbu