Impact of Covid19: Qualitative study towards Kinshasa middle-class

on 08/06/2018

Understanding what people know in a summary way about Covid-19 Understanding new attitudes and behaviors Understanding the current daily life Analysing the perception of lockdown in the current context The impact of Covid 19 on personal projects

Why was the research conducted?

Our contribution to the fight against Covid-19 pandemic in DRC

How was the research conducted?

Online Focus Group

What are the key findings of the research?

Middle-class people are generally aware of the pandemic and take precautions both in public and at home (hand washing, wearing masks, hydro-alcoholic gels,...); however, they are in touch with people living in non-residential areas who do not seem to believe it (for them, the pandemic is not true). Hence some confusion in people’s minds (Believe? Don't believe in the Covid-19?)

Life has become economically complicated for interviewees; they are ready to adapt and adopt new economic solutions, they are running out of ideas.

Life is gloomy; the joy and pleasant ambiance has almost disappeared; all of this can have negative psychological impacts over time.

Uncertainty about the next day develops a certain refocusing among respondents on essential things in terms of dating, purchase of product and internet use.

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Contributor's Name: Serge Mumbu