Covid-19 Report November | Christmas, behaviour & advertising

DVJ Insights
on 17/11/2020

DVJ has been measuring to what extent people in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany are worried about the coronavirus and which measures are taken. We have also been measuring which consequences this has for people’s purchasing behaviour, and how people feel about the upcoming holiday season. This report represents the public opinion of the three countries.

Why was the research conducted?

DVJ Insights has been following the attitude, behaviour and opinion of people in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands, since the beginning of March. The regularly published reports focus on general attitude, purchase behaviour, influence on consumers, advertising and innovation during the crisis, including comparisons between countries.

How was the research conducted?

The sample for this study consists of over 500 people per measurement, per country (Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom). This number is large enough for reliable results. In addition, a representative sample by gender and age, education level and region were used.

What are the key findings of the research?

The number of people worrying about the coronavirus has increased for the Netherlands and Germany. The level of concern in the UK remains at the same high level. Of the 3 countries, the Netherlands is most satisfied with the information provided by their government. However, they do not consider the measures as being better than in other countries. More people are buying face masks, particularly in the Netherlands. This can be attributed to the fact that wearing face masks in busy areas has been advised by the government. The impact of the coronavirus on the winter holiday planning has increased. Compared to the UK and Germany, most Dutch people have cancelled their holiday plans. People in the UK are more likely to delay their holiday plans. While almost half of the Germans had to put their holiday on hold due to external parties (such as airlines and travel agencies). Across all three countries, most people plan to celebrate Christmas and New Year's with 2-5 people. The people from the Netherlands and UK expect that measures will be dropped, and everything will be back to normal around the spring/summer of 2021. When staying home, people engage in more physical activities such as hiking and doing chores in or around the house. Moreover, people do more online shopping and watch entertainment on multiple streaming services. People worry most about their physical and mental health of themselves and their loves ones. These percentages are highest in the Netherlands and Germany. The people from the Netherlands and the UK want to see Christmas commercial adapted to the current corona crisis. They want to see smaller gatherings but still experience the warmth and family spirit associated with Christmas.

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