Leger's North American Tracker - December 22, 2020

on 22/12/2020

Today, we present the results of a special survey among Canadians who have contracted COVID-19. This survey is based on our representative LEO (Leger Opinion) panel and was published in The Canadian Press.

Why was the research conducted?

Since March 19, 2020, we’ve updated you with the results of more than 40 surveys and studies on COVID-19 and other current events, in order to help governments, businesses, and citizens better understand the attitudes and behaviors of the Canadian population in the face of the current health and economic crisis. This series of surveys is available on Leger’s website.

How was the research conducted?

From July 3rd to November 29th, 2020, Leger conducted an online survey among Canadians who had contracted the COVID-19 virus. The interviews were conducted among a random sample of Canadians, over the age of 18, selected from LEO’s (Leger Opinion) representative panel.

Over the course of six months, 21,225 Canadians were contacted. In total, 303 interviews were completed among Canadians who had contracted the COVID-19 virus. Incidence weighting was used to render the sample representative of the general population. Using 2016 Census reference variables, the data was analyzed and weighted by our statisticians according to gender, age, mother tongue, region, education level and the presence of children in households.​

A margin of error cannot be associated with a non-probability sample in a panel survey.

What are the key findings of the research?


43% of respondents say they felt very sick after contracting the virus. Of these, 27% mentioned that they’d never been so sick before.
Respondents were sick for about 13 days, on average.
35% were afraid of dying from COVID-19 at some time during their battle with it.

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