COVID-19 as seen through Video Blogs

on 29/03/2020

This is a continuous, living exercise to understand how people are reacting to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Why was the research conducted?

At elementary-AI, we have been trying to do our bit to support the fight against the Coronavirus. One initiative we have put in place to apply our algorithms to dig deeper into how we are really faring against the complex set of changes taking place in our lives.

How was the research conducted?

We are analysing thousands of videos from social media of people talking about the pandemic and pointing our algorithms at what they were saying (including traditional text sentiment analysis) combined with the facial expressions and tone of voice that further reveal underlying sentiment.

What are the key findings of the research?

As highlighted in the infographics found in the page,

Quality of life issues are predominant in the researched videos:
  • 96% of video bloggers are speaking about quality of life issues
  • Within those issues, 88% are speaking about the mental impact
  • 72% of them report a negative and neutral sentiments as regards the mental impact

People are positive about society:
  • 87% of video bloggers express positive sentiments about society
  • 28% of them report a positive sentiment as regards the mental impact

More insights can be found in the infographics.

Full research:

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Contributor's Name: Peter Chopra