Consumer Reactions to COVID-19

on 08/04/2020

Consumer Reactions to COVID-19 looks at how consumers in 18 countries are reacting to the impact that coronavirus is having on their lives, from satisfaction to security to coping habits.

Why was the research conducted?

Coronavirus is impacting millions of people. Our study looks at how they are coping with the new normal.

How was the research conducted?


What are the key findings of the research?

  • Italy and Hong Kong appear to be least satisfied with their lives at the moment, in contrast with the USA where people are almost four times more likely to be satisfied.
  • There are high levels of concern around the world over getting essential supplies, caring for dependents and the impact on society, such as healthcare and children’s education.
  • The French and Japanese governments are seen as especially unsupportive, as are their employers and local communities.
  • It is clear that the impact of coronavirus on employment security is a massive issue everywhere with large numbers of people affected or concerned.
  • Levels of increased stress are high and while a good number of people taking more exercise, we also see increases in unhealthy eating, smoking and drinking

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Contributor's Name: Lucia Juliano