Situational Anxiety Research in India

Fear & Anxiety play an important role in combating unexpected challenges. With the advent of COVID-19, Thinking Hats wanted to gather a deeper understanding on the psychological shift in this scenario

Why was the research conducted?

The COVID-19 wave has brought about an unexpected disruption in aspects more than one. Thinking Hats intended to deep-dive into the psychological impact that COVID has had on the consumer’s mind.
In the early stages of the lockdown, Thinking Hats captured consumer sentiments w.r.t. fear/anxiety across target cohorts & geographies

How was the research conducted?

Thinking Hats through its Proprietary Digital Platform 'APPtitude’ conducted a survey targeting individuals across metros belonging to NCCS A1,A2, A3, B1
Individuals responded to the survey via. a link provided to them.

What are the key findings of the research?

  • Overall, Sustainability (running out of supplies) & Contamination (I/my family may contract Covid-19) were the highest fears reported.
  • The level of stress associated with Covid-19 was higher in males, as compared to females
  • Among women, fears relating to emergency situations (accessibility to good medical care during health emergencies), was the second greatest stressor
  • Interestingly, in metros currently, Job Security as a factor of stress causing agent was reportedly at 16%

Full research:

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