How grocery purchase behaviour has shifted amongst Indians

Analyzing behavioral shift in grocery purchase among Indians

Why was the research conducted?

To cope up with lockdown measures, immediate consumer reactions w.r.t. grocery purchase were observed. Thinking Hats intended to capture statistical insights by highlighting a shift in the decision making process & purchase behaviour.

How was the research conducted?

Thinking Hats through its Proprietary Digital Platform 'APPtitude’ conducted a survey targeting individuals across metros belonging to NCCS A1,A2, A3, B1
Individuals responded to the survey via. a link provided to them.

What are the key findings of the research?

  • With stocking as new norm, we found that consumers have stocked up groceries for atleast 3 weeks
  • More than half of the consumers (61%) have purchased 2X or more quantity of groceries than they usually purchase
  • Categories like beverages, packaged foods, dairy products and dry foods notice a spike in purchase by 16%, 17%, 20% and 21% respectively
  • While the government is taking measures to ensure the regular supply of essentials, few product categories are facing a disruption in supply. A shortage of food supply was noticed in the following categories : Fresh foods(31%), Frozen Foods(25%), Ready to eat Foods (25%)
  • With ever increasing demand for santizer, disinfectants etc. a paucity of household cleaning products (27%) was observed
  • The fear of running out of essentials has also led to shortage of personal care products like shampoos, toothpaste, soaps (29%

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