Novus Coronastatus - How Sweden's general health is evolving

on 19/04/2020

Novus are doing daily Corona tracking, for the last 30 days we have conducted over 15 000 interviews in order to monitor Sweden’s general health status. What symptoms do they have? How long they have been sick? Are they are doing social distancing? What is the level of trust in governmental agencies etc. A lot of the findings we have seen in our research before it could be confirmed by "hard facts" have later been confirmed. Nothing has so far been shown to be wrong, but a lot is still to be confirmed when medical test and other hard data get presented.

Why was the research conducted?

We did this to help fill in the blanks, using tried and tested methods.

How was the research conducted?

All interviews were conducted using Novus' probability based panel, consisting of about 50 000 randomly selected Swedes. Age groups concerned included the 18-79 years segment, but additional research was conducted on the age group of 79-89 years. Response rate was over 70 % per day, using on-line data collections. About half answered on mobile, and half on computer.

What are the key findings of the research?

What this tracking have found so far is that the swedes are following the recommendations. That we most likely have had the disease far longer that we think. The official figures about the number of confirmed cases and deaths we all know have a lot of problems. And Novus research have applied our industry knowledge to give a perspective on the unknowns that only non probability research can give some insights. And we have done this to help with our methods and knowledge.

The public, government and political parties have closely followed this research, but they have not been able to track this themselves because of the extreme stress that Covid-19 in creating on the entire society.

The ones not understanding this at all have been news outlets, which is a big surprise to those conducting the research.

Findings include:

  • Swedes are doing the social distancing
  • Swedes canceled their vacations and stayed home over Easter
  • Swedes are flattening the curve
  • Swedes are trusting the government
  • Swedes are working from home
  • The general spread looks to be much earlier than were perceived, probably already in december
  • About 20 % of the swedes have cold/flu like symptoms
  • But almost no one have a serious illness
  • Half a million swedes are now ill in flu like symptoms and have had this for over 5 weeks.

Full research:

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Contributor's Name: Torbjöen Sjöström