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on 19/04/2020

In these uncertain times, consumer behaviour is rapidly changing and becoming more and more unpredictable. Since late February, the PLAY team have been tracking these changes with our Australian online panel and hearing about the impacts and changing purchase habits directly from Australians. Now more than ever, research is needed to delve deeper and better understand our changing behaviour and what this will mean for brands. Although the long-term knock-on effect of local lockdowns is difficult to predict, together we can begin to plan for the changes we may see in the future.

Why was the research conducted?

We've been running a weekly survey with our Australian online panel since late February to better understand how COVID-19 is changing people's behaviour, purchase preferences and impacting daily habits.

How was the research conducted?

A weekly online survey has been conducted since February 24th with our Australian online panel and the infographics are updated with new data each week.

What are the key findings of the research?

Some key findings we've uncovered so far include (as at April 19 2020):

  • [1.]Aussies remain open to new products: 59% agree that it's a good time to try new things such as fresh dairy, toiletries and dried food and 25% have said that they're using brands they haven't tried before.

    [2.]Local love is in the air: 63% are keen to choose more Australian made products whilst 25% are buying more from local businesses.

    [3.]While the perceived threat of coronavirus is dropping, the future remains uncertain: With 2 in 5 saying that the virus has impacted their lives, a quarter feel that it will take them a long time to recover.

Full research:

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Contributor's Name: Nataly Perez