Covid-19 Weekly Tracker - Impact on Mums' Behaviours in India

Momspresso MomSights
by Momspresso MomSights,
on 30/03/2020

There is a lot uncertainty and the brands are also facing many questions and challenges. And to address this, we launched a Weekly Tracker to understand the impact.

Why was the research conducted?

This tracker will go on for at least 4-6 weeks and we will be interviewing moms across the country. The idea is to see how the consumption of different categories is happening and what all is getting stocked. How is Online buying picking up? Morale of the mother, how is she managing office work and house work? How is she keeping the kids busy etc. What content is she/family consuming online? Role of husband/father, distribution of chores etc.
We will track all of this over the next few months to see how moms cope up and fight through this crisis.

Locked down within the periphery of your homes brings about a massive change in the way one interacts with their surroundings. This isolation is pervasive in all spheres of one’s life. Especially when one takes a closer look at the mums of the country who are caring for children and their family amidst these uncertain times, it becomes important to understand what they are going through and how has COVID-19 impacted their interaction with their surroundings at large.

How was the research conducted?

To that effect, Momspresso MomSights has started a weekly tracker to understand the moms’ state of mind, their purchase behaviour, the kind of content they are consuming and what worries them. This study covers all the top cities across India as we reach out to 500 mums across life stages every week. This tracker will run for the next 6-8 weeks and will cover more than 4000 moms.

What are the key findings of the research?

Given the trying times that the world is reeling under, the mums expressed a sense of fear, panic and paranoia across the country as the kids are vulnerable targets of the growing pandemic. As the country has gone into lockdown, families are stuck indoors with kids wanting to go out and play leaving mothers worried about keeping the kids and themselves engaged indoors. In addition to taking the utmost care of sanitization, mothers are also focussed on building the kids’ immunity.

Health and immunity are the key stressors plaguing mums as visiting the doctor physically is not an option in the current situation. With young children and older parents residing in the house, taking care of cleanliness and sanitization has become of paramount importance while ensuring a nutritious diet that boosts the overall immunity of the whole family.

With limited movement of people within the city, the household chores have now landed on to the mums’ shoulders. However, the pandemic has been a leveller in the sense that the whole family is now pitching to share the load.

At this time, it is about going back to the basics in terms of purchases as the mums are focussed on buying the essential goods and stocking them up for a considerable period of time foregoing luxury items off the pantry list.
Social media like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have seen a steep growth in usage among mums as they vent their worries on the digital platforms. Moms are chatting more and keeping constantly in touch with their friends, family via WhatsApp.

OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, etc. have brought families closer as they binge on movies, shows, etc. together, thus, bonding with each other being in close proximity over a continued period of time.
Mums are busy scrolling through content for new recipes as they are cooking more these days. In addition, they seek content that gives them ideas to keep the kids busy through DIY activities, games, stories, tutorials, etc.

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Contributor's Name: Neha Gahlaut