How Pakistanis perceive their government's Covid-19 efforts

iris Communications
on 31/03/2020

Keeping in view the widespread impact of COVID-19 on masses, iris communications conducted a perception study to gauge public sentiments in the top 10 cities of Pakistan.

Why was the research conducted?

​​To take a feeler of public perception towards actions being taken at the federal level to curtail the spread of the pandemic.

How was the research conducted?

​Through telephonic interviews (CATI):

• 2,400 respondents were interviewed through quantitative research technique of telephonic survey.
• The survey was conducted with both gender groups of ages 18 years or above.
• The survey was executed in March/April 2020.

What are the key findings of the research?

The study highlighted that consumers in Pakistan are generally happy with government efforts in combating the pandemic.

Full research:

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Contributor's Name: Amina Usman