Sentiment Post National Lockdown

While the lockdown has persistently influenced consumers to adapt to the new-normal, Thinking Hats unearths insights to highlight the precautions Indians will continue to take during the post-lockdown phase along with their first-most choices to indulge in...

Why was the research conducted?

The unprecedented COVID wave across the country has led consumers to adapt to the new normal. With an on-going situation of the national lockdown in progress, consumers have become wary of their behaviour. Thinking Hats intended to capture consumer sentiments to highlight behavioural patterns of the near future, post lockdown

How was the research conducted?

Thinking Hats conducted Online Qualitative Interviews across diverse target cohorts & geographies

What are the key findings of the research?

Situational Agoraphobia: Consumers to continue to maintain Social Distancing, post lockdown
Revenge Spending: Shoppers will binge-buy once the lockdown is relieved, e-commerce will see similar growth as people will avoid going to malls and other public shopping places and thus will shop online for most of its needs.
Consciential Hygiene: Consumers will continue taking precautions to maintain hygiene and sanitization habits they have inculcated due to COVID-19. Wearing masks, regularly washing hands, being their topmost priority.
Personal Grooming: Once the lockdown is lifted, men and women will flock salons, as that’s one of the most important routines to their life that is currently missing
Conservative approach to extravagance: Consumers raised concern for the economy slowing down in the near future due to the sudden effect of COVID.
Rise in the Digital Workspaces: COVID-19 has triggered a change in the way companies function, with work from home already been adopted by major companies, employees too will prefer working from their home environment to avoid public transport or long travel.
Value Family Kindred: Those currently staying away from their family and cannot travel to their hometown would prefer to visit their family on priority.
Pursuing Hobbies: Many time-killing activities emerged during the lockdown period – cooking, fitness and health, music, craft, talent, etc. These could just as well develop into full-fledged hobbies that will be continued after this lockdown as well.

Mr. Rajesh Mishra, Social Behaviour Change analyst and Founder Director of Thinking Hats Consumer Insights shares his views –
“As countries move through the contagion curve, consumer habits and behaviour will keep evolving, but it is too early to tell how much of an impact will be seen on consumer sentiments in the long run”.
“While consumers believe in continuing to be cautious, they are also hopeful and excited about the things they will immediately do/indulge in, post the lockdown. This is a form of Personal Indulgence that will serve as a reward for their compliant behaviour”.
“The adaption of new apps and services will accelerate digitisation in various sectors. This adoption will penetrate in lower tier markets, as well as adoption by older age groups and are likely to impact their consumption behaviour permanently”.
“These kinds of situations always test a company’s capability and agility to react. Organizations that see this as an opportunity to help, to provide utility and to solve consumer problems will always come out stronger than before. Taking a more empathetic assessment can reveal opportunities and an advantage for communities, organisations, and brands”.

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