respondi #stayhome diary #6 Do we eat differently during lockdown?

on 29/04/2020

Food is a major issue during lockdown: what products are easy to find, and those which one wants but can’t get hold of. No, or little access to our favourite take away – now that most of the fast food establishments are closed. We have to feed ourselves and that means home cooking! For some it’s very unusual, for others it’s a cloud with a silver lining, cooking is a hobby they enjoy and it matches perfectly to the limitations imposed by lockdown! For both reasons, as mentioned in our previous diaries (see lockdown #5 [link=]click here[/link]), the lift in the food and recipes website categories increased significantly since the lock down. Below, are some figures that compare the usages of food websites during the current period to the usages of those same websites last year .

Why was the research conducted?

To show how behavior has changed during lockdown

How was the research conducted?

By investigating our behavioural panel

What are the key findings of the research?

Well it is pretty clear! After lockdown people are looking (far more than usual) for recipes which are quick & easy to make. We can isolate two types of recipe styles.
Daily cuisine, based on basic ingredients (eggs, chicken, rice…) and a large new trend of novice bakers, trying out their hand at sourdoughs and loaves, as well as sweets and treats: cakes (apple pie, chocolate, coconut) and of course, the French staple: brioche!
To summarise, the lockdown de facto has forced or attracted new people to cook, who before were not into gastronomy. Two types of people actually: those who found cooking by necessity and those who want to experience the joy of becoming their very own homegrown pastry chef!

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Contributor's Name: Lisa Rösler