Italians and Social Media in the Coronavirus Age

on 17/04/2020

As a prominent company involved in Social Media Intelligence, Blogmeter is monitoring online conversation in Italy produced by keywords like “Coronaviurs”, “Covid-19” and linked hastags like #iorestoacasa (Italian form for #Istayhome). The analysis is ongoing (since February 28) and it is dealing with several topics with a bi-weekly cadence: - Milan and virus impact - #Istayhome - Changes in consumption - Worries about macroeconomic situation - Smart working - Companies’ communication - Impact on customer care for Insurances, Retail and Tourism - Linguistic and coronavirus - New habits

Why was the research conducted?

To provide information and insights to the market, to our industry and our stakeholders

How was the research conducted?

Using a proprietary tool of Social Listening configured to catch conversation belonging to coronavirus, its synonyms, its mis-spelling forms, its hashtags.
A semantic engine was structured to classify text to understand if they deal with customer care, made in Italy, supermarkets, schools, political authorities and so on.
We are current managing about 25 million documents (10 Mio per month), considering only Italian language

What are the key findings of the research?

1. People share more during lock-down and consumers polarize themselves among “newbies” (in search of information, suggestions, ideas, stimulus. etc.) and “self-declared experts”
2. Several production chains were not ready to switch to e-ecommerce: it’s not a matter of technology but a matter of “purchase experience”
3. Too many contradictions among authorities (political, scientific, regional, health….) feed “fake news”
4. Insurgency of a great dilemma: health vs. economic hold

Full research:

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Contributor's Name: Alberto Stracuzzi