Coronavirus Weekly Tracker: how are people reacting to the pandemic

by System1,
on 29/04/2020

System1 Research started running a weekly 12-country tracker to capture consumers’ response to the pandemic. The data show the very latest insights on the impact COVID-19 is having on consumer behaviour and their response to advertising. The key points covered by this research are: How Coronavirus has impacted consumer feeling & behaviour around the world What impact Coronavirus has had on the results of System1's continuous Ad testing Will the impact of Coronavirus lead to a right-brained reset Which brands are responding well to the current market changes

Why was the research conducted?

System1 Research wanted to capture consumers’ response to the pandemic and help marketers understand how deep and long the impact of the crisis might be.

How was the research conducted?

The System1 Coronavirus Tracker is updated weekly and uses implicit testing to accurately gauge people’s emotions during the crisis and better understand how deep and long-term the emotional impact might be.

What are the key findings of the research?

Emotional measurement firm System1 Group have found that sadness and fear are on the rise across the globe due to the effect of COVID-19.

System1 data also suggests that a potential 9 million people have self-diagnosed themselves as having, or had, Coronavirus, a number far greater than any official estimates. What’s more, 80% of UK citizens are concerned about the impact of the virus on their livelihoods.

Other interesting data comes from the US, where the public opinion is divided. 49% of Americans strongly agree that the public are panicking too much about the outbreak, however, there’s general agreement the economic shock is going to be very bad. 85% say a contraction is on the way, with 37% predicting a catastrophic decline of 15% or more in growth.

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Contributor's Name: Iosetta Santini