The Emotional Impact of COVID-19 -- An Early Read

ESL Insights, LLC
on 26/03/2020

A qualitative study on the emotional impact of COVID-19 that provides insights into people's feelings, worries, coping mechanisms, adaptive behaviors during this crisis and their opinions about the future once the COVID-19 crisis is over. Additionally, the study reports on how consumers envision their lives will change after this crisis, what are they most grateful for and what are they most looking forward to do.

Why was the research conducted?

The purpose of this research was to explore the emotional impact of this crisis and fill a gap in understanding the impact of the epidemic on the psyches and souls of the American people.

How was the research conducted?

Online survey with 10 open-ended questions to capture respondents' answers in their own words. Also, a few demographic questions were included: gender, age, # of people in household, # of children under 18.

Sample of 100 respondents that skewed female, older and urban.

What are the key findings of the research?

1. Fear is the overriding sentiment. Fear for their own safety and that of family and friends.
2. Shelter-in-Place and Social Distancing has caused disruption in people's daily lives.
3. Social support of Friends & Family is of primary importance. They are staying connected through technology and social media.
4. Most are adapting well to staying at home and recognize this is necessary to protect themselves and society.
5. Most express gratitude for the things they have, especially their health and their family & friends.
6. A Better Future is a key desire. Many hope this crisis will result in a more just and better world. They will also make positive changes in their lives.

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Contributor's Name: Ellen Sills-Levy