Consumer pulse – a tracker

on 23/03/2020

People's attitudes to consumption, online shopping, tracking of fears and desires.

Why was the research conducted?

Covid-19 - Should companies put the brakes on? Which segments are at risk? Is consumer behaviour and expected consumption changing? How do people feel about a pandemic - and do they worry about their income? Many companies today are facing important decisions about how to operate. We believe that data and context are the key to making decisions. Therefore, we decided in 2muse to provide the public, entrepreneurs, institutions with real data on what consumers in Slovakia think, how they feel, how they plan their consumption, what their concerns during the coronavirus pandemic are like. An ongoing tracker - monitoring the development of fears and attitudes under the influence of the development of covid-19 in Slovakia.

How was the research conducted?

Online survey on the representative sample of the Slovak population aged 18+, quota sampling, 23.3.2020 n = 311, 8.4.2020 n=319 respondents

What are the key findings of the research?

85% of people in Slovakia agreed that it is necessary to behave reasonably and responsibly towards themselves and others, but there is no need to panic, and optimism also helps. At the beginning of the pandemic, people did not feel to be financially affected in terms of paying bills and basic purchases. Yet a half of the people was planning to limit and reduce their purchases. In comparison with the surrounding countries, we were still significantly better in terms of statistics. This was also reflected in the people's perception of coronavirus concerns. In the population, the level of concern on a scale from 1 (not at all worrying) to 10 (extremely worrying) decreased from an average of 7.3 to 6.8. The research findings are available on our blog – only in the Slovak language.

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Contributor's Name: Peter Sklenář