Opinion Research During The Covid-19 Pandemic: What people say?

Perlego Marketing Research
on 20/04/2020

The aim of this research is determine people's and business' situation during the Coronavirus pandemic. - Impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on businesses - The impact of the measures and people's daily life - The level of confidence in governmental institutions

Why was the research conducted?

Many of people were affected by this COVID-19 pandemic. So before taking governmental acts we need to determine the countries' situation and people status.
So only if we can determine the problems and reasons as correctly then we can figure out the problems or find out a new ways.
This research focused on working status, psychology, behaviours during curfew and if government's actions taken are effective or not.

Istanbul is referred as Turkey's Wuhan. Also Istanbul has approximately 60% of Covid-19 cases of Turkey. Istanbul an important city in this respect and had to be scrutinized how people living in Istanbul are affected during this period. We had to need figure out the questions that need to be answered such as how the business world was affected, what kind of precautions they take, how their psychology has changed. With this research, Perlego researched for the answers to these questions and conducted 1130 questionnaires representing the 18+ age population of Istanbul, with 95% confidence interval, +- 2.9% margin of error, via CATI.

How was the research conducted?

Data was collected through CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) method.
The research universe is defined as adults aged 18+ who live in Istanbul.
The margin of error of the research is ± 2.9%, 95% confidence interval.
In the research, 1130 people from 39 districts of Istanbul were interviewed.
Quota sampling technique was applied.
In the study, data was collected by phone using CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) method.
The data were collected between 18-20 April 2020.

What are the key findings of the research?

- 33% of employees say completely, 29% partly, activity stopped at their workplace
- 1 out of every 4 employers says they have to reduce the number of employees
- 26% of the employees started working from home, albeit occasionally
- A significant part of the participant says that the status of their households related to the livelihood of their homes has deteriorated
- 25% of the participant says they are in need of help, and 24.4% may be needed in the future, though not now
- Majority (55%) wants "full coverage" curfew
- 60% feel bad
- One out of every 6 people (14.6%) says that she/he or her/his family or anyone with whom she/he is in contact is infected with the covid-19 virus

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Contributor's Name: Bayram ÖZKAN