About Us

We understand, interpret and TRANSFORM the world we live in.

The research and insights profession, representing a $80+ billion sector globally, encompasses everything from psychology, neuroscience, biometrics, and anthropology to advanced analytics and machine learning. To say that it is an industry vital to all transformative innovations, in all industries, does not fully do it justice.

From its inception in political and social science to the inclusion of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, market research enables us to understand and interpret the increasingly complex word we live in.

Products, business, social impact, political movements – we are all surrounded by the impact of market research.

Who does it help?

For Businesses

Data, research and insights are used to measure markets, guide new product developments, increase consumer understanding and enable business growth

For Charities

Data, research and insights is being used by charities to support advocacy campaigning and raise social understanding.

For Governments

Data, research and insights is being used by governments to improve the quality and responsiveness of public services and guide policies.

About this website

This website is a resource hosted by ESOMAR, the global voice of the data, research and insights community to offer a central hub for research agencies and the organisations that commission research to publish and share research findings on the transformational and disruptive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world at large, our societies, and our daily lives.

This free resource underlines our sector's commitment to increase public knowledge, and inform decision-takers as they navigate through the crisis and post-crisis implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on people, businesses, public services and charities, and societies.