We conduct research responsibly to earn what matters to us most: your trust!

Research Choices seeks to inform you about what data is collected from you by responsible research organisations online. Online research is conducted using many methods but they all share the objective of informing decision-makers in businesses, charities, and governments to make choices that better meet your needs and expectations. We aim to demonstrate our dedication to make sure that the data we collect about you is kept safely and used responsibly solely for research purposes.

Because you might not even be aware of passive audience measurement research

We don't want you to feel that passive research is a way to snoop you. Passive audience measurement research is an increasingly important way for website owners to measure how well their websites meet your needs and expectations. So, find out more about what data we collect, how it gets used, and what we do to keep it safe particularly (but not just) in the audience measurement research context.

We also share with you the control options communicated by participating organisations to offer you more control specifically over your passive involvement in audience measurement research.

Data Protection

Codes of conduct

Market research self regulation is supported and enforced by national associations across the globe through national and ICC/ESOMAR codes of conduct.

Regulatory Frameworks

Research Choices is part of market, social, and opinion research's self-regulation ensuring consumers are informed of our data collection and use.

Anonymised reporting

Only the data we need, reported to our clients in an anonymised fashion, so they can take the right decision.

Participating companies

The organisations participating in Research Choices all have high standards and privacy policies that respect the law and leading industry codes.

A Sector that Cares

Many of our online research activities are conducted with your active participation, but audience measurement uses different techniques to deliver research insights. Research Choices aims to explain why, and how we maintain our high data privacy and protection standards despite using passive collection techniques.

Associated National and International Initiatives

The Research Choices Initiative is supported by a number of related national and international initiatives of the market, opinion, and social research sector to raise public awareness of the societal value of research

Below, please find links to each of these initiatives' websites to learn more about the great initiatives to increase confidence in research.

Market research society fair data

Fair Data is an accreditation launched in January 2013 in the UK to show which companies handle their customers’ personal data fairly.
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German Initiative Markt- und Sozialforschern

An initiative by the German national associations to inform the public about market, opinion, and social research.
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GRBN public trust campaign

An initiative by the Global Research Business Network to promote and raise awareness of public confidence in research.
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SAMRA red list companies

A database of individuals who have opted out of participation in all research conducted by South African Red List subscribers, centralising national level opt-outs.
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