Your Data For Research

We believe your voice is important

Research Choices organisations believe in the power of your data to inform and empower. We also are committed to informing you what exactly your data is used for and just as importantly what we do to keep the data we collect safe.

Who are we? For decades, we have helped decision-makers understand you better

You've probably been in touch with us before without realising it.

Research Choices organisations have for decades taken responses you give to surveys helping those who commission the research whether that be companies, or charities, or public services better understand your opinion of existing and future services.

From collection to use, keeping it safe all the way

Whether offline or online, handling the information you entrust to us is critical to our ability to collect good information. Long before the internet existed, reputable market, social, and opinion research organisations took action to put in place codes of ethics, standards, and best practice which are followed around the world.

By having these in place, and regularly updating them as technology evolves, we ensure that your rights are protected. At the heart of our actions is a promise that the research information we collect is provided to our clients in a form that does not identify individuals. Researchers should never divulge your identifiable responses unless you’ve given the researcher permission to do so.

Full transparency, because you deserve nothing less

On this website, you'll find general information about the type of data all Research Organisations collect, what it will get used for, and the standard measures that Research Choices take to keep the data safe.

Research Choices organisations all have shared even further information about their own company-level practices. Some also even provide access to tools used by their participating services that allow you to stop data collection if you feel uncomfortable with them collecting that data.

Audience Measurement Research: Informing webmasters and online services to serve you better

Some market, social, and opinion research organisations are engaged in audience measurement. It is an important research activity which is used to understand how the Internet is being used. Audience measurement is about counting users and providing reliable data to website owners so that they can improve their websites and your browsing experience.

Audience measurement informs website owners how their websites are working for different users, what audience they are attracting to their sites, and what content users are finding interesting to read or watch. This activity also enables website owners or advertisers to understand the audience for their advertising campaigns, which helps to pay for online services. Because accuracy is critical, audience measurement needs to count everyone visiting the sites that are being researched.

Effortless for You

Passive techniques make it easy to collect limited sets of data in a way that allows us to measure how the Internet is being used without interfering with your internet browsing experience.

Exceeding our obligations

Across the world, governments are protecting their citizens' personal data by adopting strict laws. Our organisations recognise their duty to protect your data collected for audience measurement research.

Researching online audiences

Understanding how the Web is used by ordinary citizens helps our clients design the products and web experiences you want, securing economic growth and jobs. We support them to service you better.